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Frozen Ghost Vodka

Discover the unparalleled rarity and mystique of Frozen Ghost Vodka, an extraordinary premium brand immersed in a chilling legend. With an extremely limited supply and unparalleled scarcity, this remarkable vodka has become one of the most coveted products on the market, truly a treasure for connoisseurs who cherish the finer things in life. Delight in the spirit of the frozen ghost and revel in the enthralling taste of Frozen Ghost Vodka.

Step into the chilling tale of Tobias, a prosperous farm owner blessed with the purest spring water in the region. On a cold, dark winter’s night, envy consumed his neighbor, leading to a brutal act of murder. The jealous culprit submerged Tobias’s lifeless body in the frigid water, where it froze and became one with the icy abyss. The eerie tale unfolds as Tobias’s loyal friends relentlessly search for the murderer, eventually discovering his frozen remains. The spine-chilling inspiration behind Frozen Ghost Vodka truly makes it an extraordinary find.

The exclusivity of Frozen Ghost Vodka is attributed to its scarce production, making it a truly rare and exceptional spirit. This limited availability heightens its allure, captivating the attention of discerning vodka enthusiasts who crave uniqueness and exclusivity in their collection. The ethereal bottle design and ghostly imagery pay homage to the haunting story, with the spectral visage of Tobias and the shadowy echoes of his body symbolizing the blood spilled on that fateful night. As you indulge in the spirit of Tobias, you’ll not only savor the exquisite taste but also feel the ghostly essence that imbues each drop of Frozen Ghost Vodka. Immerse yourself in this captivating experience and embrace the unparalleled rarity of this unique premium brand.




Product Info

Frozen Ghost Vodka

40% Of Alcoholic Volume

With a chillingly smooth taste and 40% of alcoholic volume, Frozen Ghost Vodka is not for the faint of heart.

80 Proof

As an 80 proof liquor, Frozen Ghost Vodka packed a potent punch that would leave you feeling haunted.

750 ML

Contained in a 750ml bottle, Frozen Ghost Vodka was the perfect size to indulge in the ghostly spirits of Tobias.

Love & Respect for a Brand of Premier Vodka That Inspired An Entire Generation



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